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Important Changes with the Second Judicial District Court


By Travis Clark, Esq.

From time-to-time the Second Judicial District Court makes fundamental changes to its operation that impact each and every litigant.  This includes all parties filing joint petitions for summary divorce, stipulations on custody, or filing for a review of child support.

In October of 2018, the Chief Judge Scott Freeman issued an Administrative Order making it mandatory for all litigants and attorneys to become “e-filers” in all cases.  The deadline to meet this requirement was October 18, 2018.  Thus, all new litigants after October 18, 2018, and all existing litigants without attorneys, are required to sign up for the Washoe County E-Flex System. This order comes on the tail end of a previous Administrative Order issued in October of 2015, mandating electronic filing in all Criminal, most Civil and Juvenile cases.  After a successful change from “paper” filing to “e-filing” the Chief Judge and Court administration implemented the sweeping change across all cases in the Second J.D.

This change comes at a time when most of modern society has gone “paperless.” However, the Judicial system is always slow to the uptake and this change comes at a time when the use of online services such as this aren’t just requested, they are demanded.

With that said, signing up is easy and quick.  The Court’s website makes it simple to apply for an account. Attached here is a link for quick access to sign up for a new account.

Learning how to e-file is a little more complicated; however, the Court does provide a PDF of Frequently Asked Questions for your review, and has a hotline to assist you with your filing needs, click here. 

Prudent attorneys will include detailed instructions for their clients in corresponding with their clients.  At Surratt Law Practice, we began including the following instructions in our communications with our clients:

E-filing is now mandatory at the Washoe County District Court.  The Court will not send out paper copies of orders or other documents.  Copies will only be provided from the Court electronically through the e-filing system. Since our firm has withdrawn from your case, we will not receive notice of future filings in your matter.  In order to receive notice of future filings, you must sign up for e-filing using a dependable email address. Here is the link to the Court’s e-filing page.  If you do not sign up for an e-filing account in your name, you will not be informed of orders and other important documents filed in your case in the future.  It is your responsibility to ensure you receive future notice by establishing an e-filing account as soon as possible

Use this article as a basis to update your matter and sign up for e-filing. Remember that when your legal issue is concluded, personal service may no longer be necessary for future filings, and becoming a registered E-filer is the only way to ensure you are promptly noticed of any issues in your matter.

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