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Friendships Change with Divorce


By Rayna Brachmann, Esq.

It is a reality of divorce that along with changing family dynamics, friendships also change.  Some friendships will not survive a divorce.  Whenever a couple has spent time with other couple friends, it can be awkward and difficult to navigate post divorce gatherings with couple friends.  It is also true that some people will have opinions and judgments about a divorce whether based on their own history and baggage or based on hearing about the divorce from only one half of the divorcing couple.  In any event, it can be a very real challenge of post-divorce life to realize that people you thought you could count on may not be present for you any longer.

On the other hand, it was my experience that I also found new friends who I never expected to appear and be present when I least expected it.

This is a helpful article from a therapist about the experience of friendships changing along with a divorce.

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