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Transgender Name Change

Name Change Lawyers in Reno, Nevada

At Surratt Law Practice, we are here to help individuals in Reno, Sparks, and other cities in Washoe County legally change their names. Although the process can be complicated, the affirmation it provides is invaluable. A correct name is also crucial for matters involving driver’s licenses and identification, bank accounts, medical records, leases, and much more. In the past, we have guided transgender individuals as they corrected their legal name and gender marker and counseled those who had been divorced as they changed their names. Let our experienced team serve you. 

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Requesting a Legal Name Change in Nevada

For a person to legally alter their name in Nevada, they must complete the following four steps: 

  1. Complete a Petition: The petition should include a person’s old name, new name, and why they are petitioning. It should also include any details about a person’s criminal record.
  2. File the Petition with the District Court: After drafting a petition, the petitioner must submit it to the appropriate district court and pay the filing fee.
  3. Publish Notice: The petitioner sometimes must publish notice of their name change in a newspaper.
  4. Finalizing the Name Change: If applicable, a petitioner should send proof of publication to the court once the notice is published. Judges will finalize name changes with a court order.

Do Transgender People Have to Publish Notice of a Name Change in Nevada?

Parents of transgender children and transgender adults might worry about the requirement to publish notice of a name change and how it could affect the safety and well-being of their child or themselves. 

Fortunately, Nevada makes exceptions to this requirement. 

Transgender adults typically do not have to make public notice of a name change so long as they assert in their petition that it is related to their gender identity. 

If both parents consent to a child’s name change, they do not have to publish notice.

Updating Driver’s License After a Name Change

The first step when updating a driver’s license after a legal name change is requesting a new social security card through the Social Security Administration. 

After completing this step, a person should visit a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) location with the following:

  • New social security card.
  • Current license.
  • The court order authorizing the name change.
  • The state’s application for driving privileges.

Individuals can then update their names and select the correct gender marker: “M” (male), “F” (female), and “X” (non-binary). 

Applying for an Updated Birth Certificate

To apply for an updated birth certificate, one must submit two notarized affidavits to the Nevada Office of Vital Records and Statistics. The first should be from the applicant or a parent/guardian and include the correct name and gender. 

The second can be either:

  • A statement from someone who knows the applicant and can certify the corrections. 
  • Or a document affirming the change, such as the court order. 

After receiving and reviewing these affidavits, the office will update and issue a corrected birth certificate. 

Changing Your Legal Name? Let Surratt Law Practice Help. 

For many individuals, legally changing their name can be affirming and empowering. It allows them to align facets of their identity and express their personal beliefs, gender identity, or cultural heritage. It can also provide a feeling of autonomy and validation and give people the fresh start they want. 

At Surratt Law Practice, we know that few things are as meaningful as a person’s name. This is why we work tirelessly to have our clients’ names legally recognized. 

Our Reno name change lawyers can:

  • Guide clients through pertinent legal processes.
  • Help clients prepare and file necessary documents. 
  • Ensure clients adhere to laws and procedures. 
  • Advocate for clients should complications arise.

Schedule a consultation to discuss what we can offer by calling +1(775) 924-1306or reaching out online.

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