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Mediation Attorneys in Reno

Surratt Law Practice, PC is a Reno, Nevada family law firm that promotes alternative dispute resolution when possible. A family law matter is the one of the most personal and painful events a person can go through in their lifetime. Our firm promotes settlement of these matters without use of a court. Our firm can act as a confidential mediator and assist you in avoiding a courtroom.

Surratt Law Practice is committed to serving clients through mediation. For a compassionate family law attorney, we warmly invite you to call today.

Mediation is a process where the mediator works with people who have legal disputes or potential legal disputes in an attempt to help them resolve their disagreements.

Although the mediators in this office are attorneys, they do not represent the interests of any one party. The mediator remains neutral while communicating the law to both parties regardless of the impact to any one party. The mediator assists the parties in reaching their own fair and mutually acceptable agreement.

Please note, the mediation services are not in any way similar to a process where a report/recommendation is sent to the court. This process is confidential. As an attorney who is trained to be neutral, the mediator does not represent the interests of any one party who participates in a Surratt Law mediation process. The mediator works with all involved parties in order to help them reach a mutually acceptable agreement which they feel is fair and just, in light of their particular circumstances. The parties themselves, and not a Judge, design the agreement. The mediator will draft the agreement between the parties, giving them the document(s) they need to take to the court to be filed and enforced. Studies show that mediation is significantly less expensive than going to Court.

If you have children and you wish to use mediation services for your custody and parenting time arrangements along with property division, then please note that mediation is a process that is in the best interest of your children. In the private confidential mediation process, both parents work together to problem-solve any issues related to their children.

Mediation consults are for one hour and must involve both parties. The mediator will not meet with just one party. If you schedule a meeting with us to discuss mediation, we will discuss all of your divorce options in further detail. This means that during this meeting we will discuss your options for divorce, including but not limited to mediation, collaborative practice, arbitration and litigation. Specific details regarding your case will not necessarily be discussed at this meeting. 

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