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Divorce Law is a hard area of law to be in …


Divorce! I often joke with my client’s that it is a hard area of law to be in. That if I have to assist a client in fighting over a blender one more time I’m going to buy a warehouse full of blenders and start giving them out as gifts when people retain us as their lawyer. All kidding aside, I know what drives people to this point. It isn’t really about the blender.

Typically it has to do with being controlled and railroaded so many times that you start to see the “win” over the blender as your take back of your self-esteem and your ability to stand up for yourself. You lose sight during the process. You can only see the tree and not the forest.

You hire an attorney often because you have to. You don’t understand the process and you do not know how to navigate the system. An attorney can be a huge where can i buy proscar online waste of money but it can also be a god send. A good family law attorney will assure that even if you are focused on just the tree that they have the entire forest in mind on your behalf. Your job as a client is to trust us in that process.

You may not be able to see the big picture but we do. We will be there for you. We will guide you and we will give you the vision you need to be efficient and get through your divorce. It isn’t an easy process and I don’t wish it upon anyone.

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