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How To Handle Your New Relationship With Your Divorce Lawyer


Think of looking for a divorce attorney as starting a new relationship, be smart and choose wisely.

  • Go to your initial consultation with the mindset it’s an interview for both parties. As the attorney is listening to your particular situation and making a decision if this is a suitable case for them, it is just as much an opportunity for you to ask yourself “Is this the right lawyer for me?”
  • Once you have made the decision to move forward and retain “The Chosen One…..” you need to TRUST and LISTEN TO THEM!! This word of advice will only be to your benefit in the long run. Remember, you have retained a lawyer to help you through this process so let them take the lead.
  • Always consider your lawyers advice when making decisions. Do not try to outsmart, second guess or over think what your lawyer is telling you. This is THEIR job and their career choice. Attorneys have not only gone to law school and passed the State Bar but they deal with divorce and family matters every day. If you have hired a well seasoned lawyer, there probably aren’t too many situations they haven’t already had to deal with or given advice on during the time they have been practicing law.
  • Be Honest and Truthful. Your lawyer isn’t a miracle worker, they only have the facts that you give to them and they better be the truth. I can’t convey to you how important that is to your relationship order proscar online with your lawyer. The last thing you want to happen is to be in court and have the Judge require something of you on the spot that you’ve been denying for months and BAM; you are caught red handed in a lie. You have not only just thrown yourself under the bus but your lawyer who was defending you. In some situations, it can be a big cost to you including your entire case, your custody or even visitation of your children.
  • Be as organized as you can be, this will help keep your cost down. If a client doesn’t follow the guidance of the lawyer it can run the cost of attorney fees up quickly. Form your thoughts and questions so you send one email instead of 6 or 7 in a day! If possible, work with the paralegal on your case if you do not have specific legal issues or questions. The paralegals are very knowledgeable and work directly with the attorneys.
  • Be Considerate. Be kind, not only to your lawyer but the entire office Staff. The Staff at Surratt Law Practice work together as a team for you. They understand that when clients come into the office they aren’t always at their best. Family situations can not only be emotionally draining but often times financially devastating to families. Our Staff understands that no matter what is going on in your particular situation, it’s still your family and your life and FAMILY MATTERS.

By Tamara Bunt

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