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There it is, I boycotted Black Friday!


I said what I know a lot of parents want to admit but don’t. I know that there were probably deals galore and I have two children. I know they are eagerly awaiting a Christmas Tree with a growing pile of beautifully wrapped gifts. I have a wife who is probably also eagerly awaiting the tag that designates her surprise gifts too. I will confess I don’t usually entertain the chaos on Black Friday. There’s something about the videos of parents literally fighting over the newest craze … “Make Me Coffee in the Morning Elmo” or “Distract My Kids Long Enough for Me to Nap Barbie” … that just didn’t motivate me to brave the crowds. In fact, the only time I can remember really braving the crowds on Black Friday was about 4 years ago when Sears was giving away a set of tool drawers as a door buster. I was a newlywed and thought, this is something I probably need but will never buy. Guess what? That monstrosity is still in my garage, in the box it came in, where it has moved with us three times.

I’m not judging the folks who chose to dive into the trenches of holiday savings for a good deal or two or three. I’m sure with the right planning, one could save thousands of dollars. I’m also sure that a lot of the people I saw setting up tents in front of Best Buy on Tuesday could have probably gone without that tv or Xbox that they wouldn’t have bought if they weren’t one of the first ten folks in the store on Friday. Maybe I’m oversimplifying things but I’m sure their lives were fine before they had surround sound system, and their lives would be fine if they went through 2016 without it.

My point is this year, I made a conscious decision to pick buy proscar 5mg online uk family time over freaking out about bargains. Instead of taking scissors to the newspaper ads Thursday night, I spent time with my friends and family. I enjoyed all the food everyone brought over (…truth be told, I should have boycotted that third serving). I watched Paw Patrol with my 3 year old. I watched my 11 month old, who will take over the world someday, as she developed a budding interest in picking a fight with the 3 year old. Truly hilarious to watch…I guess you had to be there. I had that nonverbal bonding time with my brother where we read each other’s minds with subtle head shakes of disapproval on whatever show ended up on the tv despite our firm pledge to watch football, and only football all day. I got to enjoy that rare glance from across the room with my wife where we had just enough family distracting the kiddos that we could smile at each other, recognizing how incredibly blessed we are.

On Friday, I sorta did what most of us wish we could do every Friday. NOT A THING. I had leftovers, and napped, and laughed with family, and had leftovers, and napped, and then had some leftovers. It was awesome! I didn’t upgrade the entertainment system or get a “You Can Be Whatever You Set Your Mind to Dora the Explorer Ivy League Edition” doll, but I got some of the best quality time with the family that we had been able to enjoy in months!

Oh crap! It’s Cyber Monday and I’ve been so content thinking about how glad I am that I didn’t camp out for a flatscreen tv at Best Buy that I forgot to get my cyber shop on! Then again, it’s Cyber MONDAY and I have a job that requires that I actually work today. Maybe next year…or not.

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