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National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)


The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) institute will be teaching offer a great mix of advanced and general skills programs for all paralegals. The institutes described below will be held each morning of the July program – Wednesday July 22, Thursday July 23 and Friday, July 24. The educational institutes are the key programs of the NALA convention, offering over 8 hours of CLE.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The purpose of this institute is to review with legal professionals the various aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution. This institute will cover how different ways disputes can be resolved and what it takes to get to the table as well as what to do once you get there. This institute will review how the ADR options differ and how to determine which option you choose or how to determine whether you get to choose or the choice is made for you according to existing agreements or contracts.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law covers any issues that accompany the formation and day-to-day management of a business. In this institute, we’ll cover a broad spectrum of topics that most corporate paralegals encounter. On day one, we’ll lay the groundwork by covering the formation of legal entities, with a focus on the LLC. Day two, we’ll build on that foundation with a finance flavor and an overview of due diligence during the M&A process. The last day of the institute will be employment law as well as the provision of contract drafting skills that are imperative to all corporate paralegals. This will be a great introduction to various aspects of corporate law for newcomers, and a great refresher for seasoned paralegals.

Environmental Law

From attending this environmental law overview, paralegals will have a more thorough understanding of (1) Environmental Governance; (2) Brownfields, Vapor Intrusion, and Hydraulic Fracturing; (3) Sustainability basics; (4) Water Rights Issues in Oklahoma and Texas; (5) Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Air Act (6) Keystone XL Pipeline Project; (7) Reviewing Phase I and Phase II Reports for Environmental Issues; and (8) Burlington Northern v. US.

Essential Skills

This practical course is helpful for everyone, especially those studying for the Certified Paralegal Examination. The Essential Skills Institute will cover legal research, judgment and legal analysis, and written communications. During legal research, you will learn a simple research procedure that can be used in any law library. Judgment and legal analysis will cover techniques to categorize facts and evidence, to analyze the relevant buy proscar online ones, and to organize them into a final product; and written communication will conclude this institute by covering the most difficult areas of writing for people in the legal environment. It is suggested that you review the rules of grammar and style in The Elements of Style by Strunk & White to prepare for the course.

Immigration Law

This course will provide an overview of the legal immigration system in the United States. The course will focus on three categories including business and employment immigration, education visas and permanent residency and family based immigration. The course will also cover ethical and professional responsibilities of immigration law, and what makes immigration law different. Participants will gain a better understanding of vocabulary often used in immigration law.

Litigation with Emphasis on Government Liability

Students will learn the basics of complex issues involving government liability claims and the discovery leading up to trial. Students will gain skills to understand the law from Section 1983, identify types of immunities, and common causes of action. Students will also learn about ethical considerations when dealing with government claims and resolution strategies. Discussion subjects include:

  • Federal Claims Under 42 U.S.C. §1983
  • Statutory, Constitutional, and Common Law Claims
  • Filing The Claim, Defenses, Discovery, Damages, Statute of Limitations
  • Subject Areas of Litigation, Damages, and Settlement
  • Government Liability Ethics

Medical Malpractice and How it Differs from Run-of-the-mill Litigation

This program will review the paralegal’s role in Medical Professional Liability cases; provide understanding as to why medical malpractice actions differ from general litigation matters; discuss HIPAA and Medicare compliance requirements and restrictions in a medical malpractice case; and, provide an understanding of the admissibility of evidence from the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s perspectives from the time the potential client walks through the door to the night before trial.

Legal Technology

We live in a digital world. Most if not all paralegal and legal assistant positions currently advertised require technology skills ranging from online research, e-filing, project management, knowledge of practice specific software for case and/or firm management. Moreover, hybrid paralegal positions are on the increase. Stay on the cutting edge of the legal technology and resources out there and acquire a proficient understanding of this technology to help you advance your career. Legal professionals of all skill levels will benefit from this institute. Come join us as we explore where law and technology intersect.
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