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Starting The Surrogacy Process


Surrogacy is an intemidating process that often appears legally complex which is a deterrent for some families. I suggest that it is not so bad when you have the right professionals on your side.

Finding a Legal Professional

Surrogacy is an area of law where you do not want to hire a legal professional that does not have experience. These matters are complex and the conflict of law issues between not only states but different countries prove to be more than most professionals bargained for in starting the process. The American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys (AAARTA) was developed to assist the public in finding qualified attorney with sufficient education and experience in this area of law. AAARTA is dedicated to the advancement of best legal practices in the area of assisted reproduction and to the protection of the interests of all parties, including children, involved in assisted reproductive technology matters. Go to where you will find a state by state listing of the fellows and their contact information.

Finding a Medical Professional

There are medical doctors that work exclusively in the area of reproductive medicine. I do not recommend that you utilize an everyday OB/GYN. Reproductive medicine is an expensive process that you want a physician to get right the first time to avoid additional costs. The American Society for  Reproductive Medicine is an association of physicians that practice in this area of medicine. They have a website that is dedicated to patient needs at On that where to buy proscar site you can click on a button on the right hand side where it says “Find a Healthcare Professional”. You should also use this site to simply find additional information regarding reproductive medicine that is written for the patient and not for other physicians.

Finding an Agency

Many people attempt to go through the process of surrogacy without an agency for one reason – to save money. It is understandable really. The cost of the surrogate fees along with the medical expenses is tremendous to start with, adding an agency fee on top of that is often more than people can handle. However, if you are thinking about surrogacy and you don’t have sufficient money to add an agency fee then you may want to rethink surrogacy as a possibility for you. Many things can go wrong in a surrogacy process to cause the costs to sky rocket. If you are no prepared for that then you are only putting the entire process at risk. If you do have the money for an agency and decide to use one. There really isn’t a decent way to screen an agency through any other organization. AAARTA is working on developing such a list but for now rely on a trained legal professional to help you in the screening process.

Additional Resources

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