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Women Who Bring Home The Bacon


I recently talked with a client about alimony – post divorce support from one spouse to another to place them on roughly equal financial footing after divorce as they were during marriage.  Alimony in Nevada is a gender neutral concept.  It can be paid by husbands to former wives, and it can be paid by wives to former husbands.  The analysis is largely dependent on which spouse is the superior earner and the other factors set out in the statute.  A link to the relevant NRS is here:

It is my anecdotal experience that men still out earn women is most instances so while I have had female buy proscar no prescription online clients who paid alimony, in most instances it is the other way around and men are the payors while women are the recipients.  So, it was with some interest that I read the article I linked to above about women who out earn their partners.  Evidently, it is on the increase as more women attend and graduate from college than their male counterparts.  If that holds steady, I suppose at some point, I will see a turn and more women clients will be paying alimony to their former spouses after divorce.

– Rayna Brachmann

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