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PERS in a Nevada Divorce

Divorcing parties with a Nevada PERS pension benefit should carefully look at their rights and the best way to divide the pension. Often, this is an afterthought as the parties simply agree to divide the asset “equally”. There is very specific case law in place that... read more

Surrogacy in the UK

It is very important for Intended Parents from the UK who are utilizing a surrogate/gestational carrier in the United States to follow specific instructions.  I have written a blog on this issue in the past.  However, there is a new decision in the UK that helps... read more

To Prenup or Not?

I just read this Room for Debate from the New York Times about Prenuptial Agreements.  There are various views about the value of Prenuptial Agreements represented in this debate. One of the best things about a Prenuptial Agreement is that it forces spouses to be to... read more