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There it is, I boycotted Black Friday!

There it is, I boycotted Black Friday!

I said what I know a lot of parents want to admit but don’t. I know that there were probably deals galore and I have two children. I know they are eagerly awaiting a Christmas Tree with a growing pile of beautifully wrapped gifts. I have a wife who is probably also... read more

Dad pulls Stepfather to walk Daughter down aisle

The recent story that was on NBC News and the TODAY Show was shared with me on Facebook seems to have touched so many people’s hearts. “Dad Pulls Stepfather from Seat to Walk Daughter down Aisle”…   Coming from a very “well” blended family since the age of... read more

Primary, Secondary Physical Custody Arrangement

When do you deviate: The application of NRS 125B.080(9). In Nevada, child support is set pursuant to a very specific formula; the starting point of which is the physical custody arrangement between the parties and NRS 125B.070. When analyzing, or calculating the... read more

From Divorce, Happy Families Are Not All Alike

I read this article and was filled with hope. I wish that all of my divorce clients were able to get to this place with their former spouse, particularly when they have children together.... read more