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Surratt law Practice focuses exclusively on families by assisting with divorce, custody, estate planning, guardianships, adoptions, assisted reproductive technology, parentage, mediation and parenting coordination.

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Grace’s Journey

It’s hard for me to believe that as of mid-July my experience as a surrogate will be over! It has me reflecting on why I decided to become a surrogate, and why I believed it so important to be able to do this for my friends. Read More

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Surratt Law Practice provides services in all areas of Nevada family law and estate planning, including but not limited to the following…

 Divorce Lawyers in Reno NV

Divorce & Legal Separations

In order to get a divorce in Nevada, you or your spouse must be a Nevada resident. That means you must have lived here for at least six weeks prior to filing for a divorce with the intention to make Nevada your home going forward.

 Child Custody Lawyers in Reno NV

Child Custody & Support

Legal custody is the concept of making parenting decisions such as school enrollment, extracurricular activities, religious upbringing and medical needs of the children on a non-emergency basis. In most cases, parents share joint legal custody and are encouraged to confer with one another regarding parenting decisions even after divorce.

Adoption & Surrogacy Lawyers in Reno NV

Adoption & Surrogacy

Is surrogacy allowed in the State of Nevada? Yes, Nevada does allow a surrogacy/gestational carrier arrangement. You must comply with the minimum requirements of Nevada law, including but not limited to have a valid contract.

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers in Reno NV

Prenuptial Agreements

In the state of Nevada, engaged, married, or cohabiting couples may enter into agreements defining their property rights, and depending upon the type of agreement, their support, and other rights and obligations.

Estate Planning Lawyers in Reno NV

Estate Planning

Nevada’s estate planning laws set out the legal requirements for creating a valid Will, trust, identify methods for declaring your wishes regarding life-prolonging medical procedures, and describe the probate process in your state.

LGBT Family Law Attorneys in Reno NV

LGBT Family Law

The LGBT community has a significant number of complex legal issues that may or may not take place in other family formation or divorce matters because of the rapid pace of changing laws and legal uncertainties.


Kim is a highly dedicated, experienced attorney with a common-sense approach to solving legal issues. She’s responsive and available with an outstanding support staff. I give my highest recommendation to retaining her services! -Terry Sullivan

We hired Attorney Kimberly M. Surratt, to help us with a same-sex couple second-parent adoption for our infant twins. Kim was fantastic to work with–she knew the law, the issues, the judges, and everything in between. Everything went smoothly throughout the process (even the judge commented on how perfect all of the paperwork was), and in the end, we were able to make legal what we already felt–that we are a family.


Attorney Rayna Brachmann represented me when I was going through one of the most difficult times of my life, a broken marriage that involved separation of property but more importantly visitation rights with my daughter. I found myself weak minded and heartbroken over the thought of my daughter relocating out of town with her mother. Rayna’s multiple qualities were apparent upon first visit, she listened, she cared, and she told me we’ll get through this and we did.


Thank you, Attorney Melissa L. Exline! For the outstanding job you did fighting for me and protecting my daughter. For your professionalism, compassion, and for being so damn smart. My circumstance was highly precarious to say the least but as the captain of the ship, you guided me through the angst ridden maze, and I am forever grateful to you.



As quoted from the book “Adoption Is Another Word for Love”

“He who can reach a child’s heart can reach the world’s heart.”

Rudyard Kipling

My wish is that children be treated as people, and not as property; that their rights as human beings on the planet, to food, shelter, education, and health, be taken seriously.”

Oprah Winfrey

“Somehow destiny comes into play. These children end up with you and you end up with them. It’s something quite magical.”

Nicole Kidman


A Survival Guide For Independent LGBTQ Youth

Today, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, True Colors Fund, co-founded by Cyndi Lauper, and Time Out Youth in Charlotte, North Carolina, released an innovative guide for LGBTQ youth facing the daunting prospect of living on their own after leaving unsupportive or abusive homes, or aging out of foster care. On Our Own: A Survival Guide for Independent LGBTQ Youth is geared toward older teens and young adults forced to fend for themselves, typically without parental support and often lacking the skills or resources needed to live safely and begin building a successful life. The guide provides practical advice on essential topics ranging from finding housing, going to school and opening a bank account, to getting a job, accessing healthcare and living on a budget.