5 Ways to Speed Up Your Nevada Divorce

Divorce agreement and marriage rings in a court room

Learning about the divorce laws, using a mediator, being willing to compromise, and honestly disclosing assets are some of the steps that one can take to accelerate the divorce process in Nevada. Divorce attorneys help spouses wishing to have a quick divorce explore their options and avoid the pitfalls that slow down the process. Below is more information on expediting a Nevada divorce.

Learning About the Divorce Laws in Nevada

The divorce laws govern what needs to be filed and how long one needs to be a resident before he or she can file for divorce. Educating oneself about Nevada’s latest divorce laws before filing helps one meet all the necessary requirements and speed up the divorce process. For example, to file for divorce in Reno, at least one spouse must have lived in the state for at least six weeks with the intent to remain in Nevada.

Using a Mediator

A neutral third-party mediator helps spouses have an open dialogue and come to agreements on several legal issues outside of the courtroom. Mediation may save spouses a lot of time by helping them reach a fair settlement faster and avoid long battles in court. Nevertheless, it is essential for one to consult with a divorce attorney. The attorney will help ensure a person gets a fair agreement and has all his or her legal concerns addressed.  Surratt Law Practice has qualified mediators and divorce attorneys who can assist you.

Willingness to Compromise

An excellent way of moving the divorce process along more quickly is by compromising on some matters. Before starting negotiations, couples should determine what they want from the agreement as well as what they are willing to give up, with the knowledge that they may not get everything they want.

For instance, one may want to get the marital home. However, if the person cannot afford the house payments on his or her own, it may be better to sell the house and have the profits split evenly.

Having All Financial Documents

People should be aware of their financial circumstances when filing for divorce. They should gather all the important financial documents that detail what they own as well as what they owe, such as:

  • Loan documents
  • Bank statements
  • Tax returns
  • Pay stubs
  • Credit Card Statements

Being Honest

Dishonesty, such as hiding marital assets, is a common reason for divorce proceedings lasting longer. Having all financial assets open and disclosed can speed up the divorce process significantly. Lying about assets can result in fines and jail time.

By having a quick divorce, spouses can save themselves a lot of time, stress, and expenses.

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