Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Divorce in Reno, Nevada

Woman giving a marriage ring back to her husband, divorce

Misconceptions can create problems when trying to obtain a divorce in Nevada. Divorce lawyers assist couples navigate the process.

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When Your Spouse Won’t Sign Divorce Papers

A certificate of divorce paper with a pen

There are legal remedies available when one’s spouse will not sign the divorce papers. What follows depends on whether the spouse can be located and if they contest the divorce.

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How Are Professional Practices Handled in Nevada Divorces?

Two people are signing divorce legal papers

In Nevada, if one or both divorcing spouses have professional practices, the practices will need to be quantified and apportioned. Nevada statutes regard a professional practice like any other asset in a divorce.

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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Nevada Divorce

Divorce agreement and marriage rings in a court room

Learning about the divorce laws, using a mediator, being willing to compromise, and honestly disclosing assets are some of the steps that one can take to accelerate the divorce process in Nevada. Divorce attorneys help spouses wishing to have a quick divorce explore their options and avoid the pitfalls that slow down the process. Below is more information on expediting a Nevada divorce.

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How to DIY Your Nevada Divorce (and Why You Shouldn’t)

A pen and a blank certificate of divorce

Although people can DIY a Nevada divorce by filling out and filing court-provided documents, several considerable drawbacks make it better for people to hire divorce lawyers near them.

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Understanding the Difference Between Divorce and Annulment in Nevada

A broken divorce paper with two marriage rings on each side

A divorce ends a marriage while still recognizing it as having been legal, whereas an annulment voids a marriage as if it never existed. Only certain kinds of marriages can be annulled.

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Planning for Your Future Prior to Divorce

Hand holds a marriage ring, plan to divorce

It is essential to take some time before divorce to carry out advance financial planning, focus on the children’s needs, and seek competent professionals to provide guidance.


Nevada Divorce: Classifying Retained Earnings of a Premarital Business

Using a knife is dividing an property asset model

In a Nevada divorce, retained earnings of a premarital business are separate property. A business that a spouse owned before marriage is classified as separate property and the income received from the property is also considered the separate property of the spouse. Several circumstances exist that can make separate property become community property.

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When the Courts Appoint a Parenting Coordinator

A scissor is cutting a family cutout paper

The court may order people to participate in parenting coordination to help them effectively resolve child-related disputes. When divorced and making decisions regarding their kids apart, parents may struggle to see each other’s points of view and to reach agreements on their own. In such cases, it may help for someone from outside the situation to help parents get on the same page.

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How the Pandemic May Distort Business Cash Flows for Divorcing Couples

Dollar sign with flowing lines, cash flow

The disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could cause one partner's assets to depreciate significantly. Assets can appreciate in rare cases. Even if the original arrangement reached a reasonable division, this distorts cash flows for divorcing couples.

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