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Custody Relocation in Nevada

When a parent wants to relocate from Nevada with minor children, that parent must have either the other parent’s written consent, or a Court Order allowing them to relocate with the children.

The Court, when assessing whether to allow a parent to move with children from the State of Nevada considers the following: Is a sensible, good faith reason for the relocation. In other words, the Court looks at whether the parent who seeks to relocate with the children is doing so for purposes of frustrating the visitation of the other parent. The Court considers the motives of the custodial parent.

Are they honorable or designed to frustrate or defeat the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent? The Court will then determine the extent to which the relocation is likely to improve the quality of life for the child(ren) and the custodial parent.

When making this determination, the Court may consider the following: Is there a positive family care and support system, including extended family in the new State? The housing and environmental buy finasteride 5mg uk living conditions; Educational advantages; Improvement of custodial parent’s employment; Special needs of the child(ren), including medical and educational; Opinion of child(ren) The Court will also consider whether if the move is permitted, will the custodial parent comply with the new visitation orders? The Court considers the motives of the non-custodial parent in contesting the relocation.

Are his or her motives honorable or designed to frustrate or defeat the custodial parent’s plans? The Court will consider whether there will be realistic opportunity for the non-custodial parent to maintain a visitation schedule that will preserve the parent/child relationship. It should be noted, that not all of these factors are relevant in every case, and every case is different. If you are considering a relocation with children, or if your former spouse is, you should schedule an appointment and meet with one of our qualified attorneys to assess your case.

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