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Raoul Felder on The Good Divorce

Believe it or not, sometimes people need to get a divorce.  While this notion may make some people cringe, there are occasions when individuals function better apart.  In addition, there are incidents where the partnership is one-sided or abusive.  Obviously, staying together in those incidents can be problematic.  The idea that you can have a “good” divorce was the topic of discussion recently on NBC’s Today show.  On Saturday, March 19, 2011, the show featured attorney Raoul Felder and his new book, “The Good Divorce: The smart way to untie a knot”. Mr. Felder represented Robin Givons in her famous divorce from Mike Tyson, among other celebrities.

Overall, his point is simple – there are ways to eliminate as much trauma as possible and look toward a future where both parties can move forward.  Because there are legalities involved, and this is intricately tied with the emotion and history the parties cheap proscar no prescription share, we encourage our clients to keep focused.  If you can be smart (i.e. check some of the emotional elements at the door – so to speak), it goes a long way so you can maximize your ability to take care of yourself and your family (not about getting revenge).  Taking the negativity and anger that sparked the divorce with you to your lawyer can create needless drama that normally will not help you divide your marital estate or determine who is a better parent.

In summary, a “good” divorce is possible.  One has to be ethical, often deciding to take the moral high road despite negative “tit-for-tat” behavior that undermines a normally rational person.  The lawyers at Surratt Law Practice have experienced the “bad” divorces, and we do not wish this type of trauma for any of our clients.

– Melissa L. Exline

Sacred Marriage Bed?

The New York Times recently published an article about the emotional impact of cheating in divorce cases.  More specifically, the emotional impact of sleeping with someone other than one’s spouse in the marriage bed.  I read this article with some interest.  Needless to say, I have had many clients whose spouses have developed new relationships, or have moved on themselves.  This always impacts the dynamic of a case.  Legally, because Nevada is a no fault divorce state, it rarely has an impact on the division of assets and debts, or even custody of the children.  However, it always has an impact on the tenor of the negotiations and the emotional dynamic between the couple who are divorcing.  I try to direct buy finasteride 5mg online uk clients away from the feelings of anger and betrayal that accompany discovery of an affair by a spouse, because ultimately, my goal as an attorney is guide my clients through the divorce as efficiently and fairly as possible by not getting bogged down in the muck that often comes with divorces.  However, I can just imagine how the impact of a new  relationship is compounded by learning that a spouse has brought someone new to the marriage bed.

It’s not my job to judge, but if I were advising a client who was involved with someone new, I would tell my client to never, ever bring the new person to the marital home, and obviously that includes the marriage bed.

Rayna Brachmann

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